Behind the scenes of “dropouts” an indie pilot

Presented O Entertainment by with a special thanks to DARE BLOC – Directed by Landon Coats. Produced by Khambi Hamis and Eric Hinwood.

“A rag-tag group of college dropouts struggle to prove that they can thrive in a town where college rules everything.” 

After Rhad finds his girlfriend, Stacey, hooking up with their boss, Randall at the Czar Nightclub, Rhad quits his job and his girlfriend. His flamboyant, playboy, roommate, Donnie then scores him a job interview at The Fortune Cookie Restaurant- – – which to his surprise it’ s on the same street as Czar. Rhad is interviewed and hired on the spot by Larry, the bizarre prank- pulling boss of The Fortune Cookie, then puts him under the care of Liz, the general manager and generally a narcissist. This is the millennial version of ” Freaks and Geeks” , ” Community” and ” The Breakfast Club” as a series. A witty and playful tone with an engine that focuses on the competition between the nightclub and the restaurant which awakens one small town’ s decades old rivalry between the local college students/ alumni and the dropouts. The central conflict of the series will be the competition between the two businesses. ” The Czar” is well- established, well funded and well- popular. ” The Fortune Cookie” is a struggling Chinese restaurant, run by dropouts/ outcasts, trying to become the most poppin’ spot in town. It is essentially Rocky. But with nightclubs.

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