Media Consultant 

Josh Olufemii

As a video director, Josh the creative force behind the making of music videos, commercials and other branded content. His efficient work with the team of producers, writers, editors, lighting technicians, sound engineers, and production assistants to produce videos to create content that goes above and beyond the expectations and needs of every client.

Josh also provides post-production and production tutorials, relevant production breakdowns, interviews with industry veterans, and interviews with up and coming creators.

Olufemii Tutorials reverse engineer the video production into bite-sized pieces by creating engaging educational content. The Olufemii Tutorials Youtube Channel has 190,000+ subscribers.

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Dare Bloc is a unique, independently owned design studio. Our work encompasses social cultivation, graphics, branding, websites, digital experiences, music videos, and experimental creative. We pride ourselves on innovating new and exciting types of content.